Executive Committee and Secretariat

The IAMLADP Executive Committee

The IAMLADP Executive Committee (ExeCom) comprises the chairpersons of the working groups and representatives of the host organizations of the previous and the next years’ annual meetings.   ExeCom attends to business between the Annual Meetings.  It meets, usually by videoconference, approximately four times a year.

The IAMLADP Secretariat

The IAMLADP secretariat, which is based at United Nations Headquarters in New York, coordinates all IAMLADP-related issues with all parties concerned. The  secretariat convenes the meetings of the Executive Committee, issues IAMLADP documentation, and manages various aspects of the annual meetings, including registration, communications and the drafting of the provisional agenda and the work programme. In addition, the secretariat acts as webmaster for the IAMLADP public and Members Only websites.
To contact the secretariat, please use the general enquiries form. To post content on this website (member organizations only), please use the submissions form.