The future of IAMLADP

The future of IAMLADP depends on its continued usefulness to its members. 

Over the years, IAMLADP has provided a unique opportunity for conference and language services managers to learn from their counterparts in other organizations, some of which have accumulated rich and extensive experience with such common issues as identifying, recruiting, training, managing and retaining qualified professional language and conference service providers. By encouraging the pooling of staff and training resources and sharing effective best practices, IAMLADP gradually has become a unique repository of information and know-how not available elsewhere. It is also an effective tool for sharing management expertise with organizations that have more modest resources or for training and selecting language and conference services providers.

Experience has moreover shown that IAMLADP, which was recently characterized by one of its comparatively new members as the "Davos for language and conference services", is much more cost-effective in identifying and sharing experience and knowledge management than commercial consultancy firms; and members have repeatedly agreed that IAMLADP should continue to be a results-oriented and proactive framework for harmonizing approaches and recommending best practices and innovative solutions in the areas falling within its mandate.

ACME design for new UN building

Design proposed by ACME for UN memorial building in South Korea