Universities Contact Group

The Universities' Contact Group (UCG) acts as a liaison point for the further development of relations and co-operation between international organizations and training providers/universities. Organizations can thus inform universities of their requirements, shortages, etc. and universities can contribute to the professions. It has been generally agreed that more intensive and systematic contacts between the two constituencies would be mutually beneficial and that exchange of information should be increased. The specific mandate of the UCG, handed down by IAMLADP Working Group on Training, is to:

  1. Serve as a contact point between international organizations and training providers
  2. Promote information exchange between the two constituencies
  3. Foster closer co-operation between the two constituencies

In order to fulfil its mandate, the UCG:

  1. Provides information, e.g. on conferences, events, examinations and vacancies
  2. Defines items of mutual interest through contacts and feedback from both constituencies
  3. Proposes its projects for approval by IAMLADP 
  4. Through its joint membership of international organizations and universities, establishes close contacts and regular communication to stimulate discussion, ideas and suggestions for future projects

Projects in recent years have included the creation of databases on training opportunities in international organizations for university graduates and the compilation of lists of universities offering T&I training in Arabic. Information on these and other projects can be found here. In addition the UCG has helped organize several training seminars.

The UCG comprises representatives of international organizations, who rotate every few years, and representatives of a limited number of institutions involved in the training of language professionals, subject to the approval of the IAMLADP Working Group on Training. Training institutions are incorporated into the group by invitation. 

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